64-slice CT scan

Our State-of-the-art, 64-slice CT scan produces improved image quality and greater speed then conventional CT scanners. A CT Scan (Computed tomography) uses x-rays to take pictures of sections of the body. A CT scan shows the body’s organs more clearly and in greater detail than regular x-rays because it uses thin “slices” of images that the computer makes into 3D images.

        CT scans help:

  • Find abnormalities in the body which may indicate disease
  • Determine how far a disease has spread
  • Show the effects of treatment and how your body is responding to it

Compared to conventional CT scanners, our state-of-the-art 64-slice CT scanners offer superior image quality, increased accuracy and speed. In fact, our 64 slice CT scanner has 4-times the amount of detectors than conventional CT scanners, and can scan the entire body in about 30 seconds, including complexities of the heart, brain, and lungs


Quality First Urgent Care also has state-of-the-art MRI or magnetic resonance imaging machines.


Quality First Urgent Care uses digital x-rays and has Radiologists reading in every study. Results can take mere minutes. Our digital x-ray machine makes viewing bones, the lungs, and other vital organs clearly visible for the doctor to spot any potential breaks, masses, or medical issues. It is also especially helpful in spotting diseases that might occur in soft tissue: chest x-ray is essential for diagnosing pneumonia; while abdominal x-ray is used primarily to detect intestinal or bowel obstruction, as well as free air or fluid.


Ultrasound imaging, or sonography is totally safe; it has no radiation, instead it generates images using sound waves of such an extremely high frequency that it is not audible to humans. Quality First Urgent Care uses ultrasounds: in pelvic exams; to view the heart chambers and heart valves; to view the arteries and veins, including arteries in the brain; to view the bladder in chronic urinary tract infections. An exciting application of Quality First’s ultrasound is its ability to view musculoskeletal injuries including ankles, knees, shoulder, hips.

All radiology studies are reviewed by board-certified radiologist studies and kept on our in-house servers. If you ever need your images you can get a copy from us, or we can send it directly to your doctor.