Bay Ridge Local Urgent Care

When you have a medical emergency that is not life-threatening, you need to find medical care that will be thorough and capable of providing a correct diagnosis and treatment. This kind of care can be found at the Quality First Urgent Care center in Brooklyn.

Get the Care You Need

The Quality First Urgent Care center is capable of handling everything but life-threatening problems. They have the best and latest equipment, a high-quality lab on the premises, and the best doctors.

Nearly every type of emergency or other medical need can be met in Bay Ridge Local Urgent Care. Doctors can provide quality care for emergency room services such as wound care, head injury, animal bites, allergies, sprains, burns, suturing, splinting, and more.

Ongoing care can also be given for more regular and ongoing needs such as weight loss, quit smoking, IV therapy, dermatology, and suboxone programs. Specialized care can be given in the areas of pediatric care, women’s health, internal medicine, dermatology, DOT and drug screening, and more. Acupuncture treatments are also offered. Physicals can also be obtained.

Diagnosis Tests Available

Many types of diagnostic tests are available, enabling doctors to discover the nature of the problem and learn how to treat it. Bay Ridge Local Urgent Care has x-ray and ultrasound tools, a state-of-the-art 64-slice CT scan that can scan the entire body in about 30-seconds, and a MRI. Radiologists are also present whenever these tools are used. These diagnostic tools can be used to peer into the body and determine if bones are broken or if organs, such as the lungs or heart, are functioning properly.

The center can also perform blood tests, pregnancy tests, and STD testing. If medications are needed, the center also has its own pharmacy.

Open All Year

The center is open every day, including all holidays. This means you can count on the center being open 365 days each year to meet your medical needs. In order to help more people, the hours are from 11 am to 11 pm every day of the week.

Walk-ins Are Accepted

Because the staff at the center understands the nature of emergencies, you can feel free to come as a walk-in. There are no long waiting times – in fact, you will be seen almost immediately. Diagnosis takes place quickly and so does treatment. We treat all members of the family, letting you bring patients of any age when care is needed.

Doctors That Speak Russian

In order to ensure the best of treatment, some of our doctors and staff can speak Russian. This helps to ensure that the problem is properly understood, and then the right treatment can be applied.


While no medical office will accept payments from all insurance companies, the Bay Ridge Local Urgent Care does accept many policies. You may want to call in advance to ensure that your policy is accepted, but if not, you can use most major credit cards.

Many of the doctors at the Quality First Urgent Care center are also currently serving as teachers of medical students. The next time you need urgent care, be sure to contact the center and get treated quickly by very experienced doctors.


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