Board Certified Urgent Care Doctors 11210

Getting the right kind of treatment requires that you go to the right place and have highly qualified medical professionals treat your problem. The Quality First Urgent Care center only uses Board certified urgent care doctors 11210 to treat all of our patients. We aim to offer the best services.

Board Certified Doctors

In order to become a doctor that is Board certified, it means that he or she had to meet standards that are nationally recognized within a particular medical field. This recognition means that they have had the education and training, and have also developed the skills through experience necessary to excel in that field.

Each of our doctors and other medical staff has been practicing for years. Some of them also have experience in working in emergency rooms, or other hospitals. Some of them also speak Russian.

See a Doctor Quickly

When you come into the Quality First Urgent Care center, you will be seen by professional medical staff quickly. Rarely will there ever be much of a wait. We make it a point to get our patients diagnosed and treated quickly – unlike most emergency rooms at hospitals.

Treatments Provided

As an urgent care center, we are able to treat almost any kind of emergency you might have. The only thing we do not treat is if you have some kind of life-threatening emergency.

Other than that, we offer a wide range of treatment areas. They include emergency (urgent) care, pediatric care, podiatry, asthma treatment, plastic surgery, IV therapy, acupuncture, and travel medicine.

Our High Tech Lab

When it comes to being able to diagnose medical problems, we have lots of equipment to do it. Our many scanners include, x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, and a high tech CT scanner that can scan your whole body in about 30 seconds.

We also have a high tech, government approved lab on the premises. This enables us to take many tests and analyze the results fast so that treatment can be started sooner. The tests we offer include: CBC, mono, flu, pregnancy, urinalysis, STD’s, HIV, strep throat, and drug testing.

Come as a Walk-in

When you have an emergency and need to see one of our Board certified urgent care doctors 11210, it is unnecessary to have an appointment. We know that emergencies do not make appointments either, so come quickly and be seen quickly.


We accept most insurance plans. This enables us to help a lot of people. It is a good idea, however, to call in advance of coming to our office to find out if we can accept your particular plan.

When you want quality care from expert doctors, this is the place to go – unless you prefer waiting for hours in emergency rooms. Our doctors are experts and they always aim to provide friendly and expert service.

The Quality First Urgent Care clinic is located in Brooklyn, NY and it has a modern and spacious 6,000 sq. ft. facility. It provides medical services for all ages, only has Board certified urgent care doctors 11210, and its prices are much lower than any ER in the area. Call today for an appointment or for more information at (718) 475-1700.


Board Certified Urgent Care Doctors 11210

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