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Finding a place to get tested for coronavirus after you think you may have been exposed, or if you believe you are starting to have the symptoms, may not be easy. Places offering to test for coronavirus are still not easy to find due to a shortage of testing kits. Businesses that need employees tested, or individuals, can find coronavirus testing solutions Borough Park at Quality First Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY.

About Coronavirus

The coronavirus is highly contagious and it is spread through touching a surface that has an active virus still in it. An infected individual may leave the virus on any object or surface that is touched and this can cause infection in someone that comes in contact with it. It may also be spread in the air, but mostly through moisture expelled when coughing or sneezing.

The virus can remain active for some time on different types of materials and surfaces. This can range from a couple of hours to as much as 17 days – which occurred on a cruise ship.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Once an individual becomes infected, there may or may not be any symptoms. Most people will develop some symptoms within two to 14 days. They can be very mild, including such symptoms as nausea and diarrhea. Some people will not develop any worse symptoms.

Other symptoms are much stronger and when they appear, you should seek to get tested. Those symptoms include coughing, fever, bluish lips, and shortness of breath. A few people may experience headaches, loss of the sense of smell and taste, confusion, malaise, sore throat, and chills or muscle aches.

What to Do When Symptoms Appear

If you believe that you have been exposed, you will not have any symptoms at first and possibly none at all. If there are people in your home or workplace that are apt to be more vulnerable to coronavirus symptoms – such as the elderly or people with weak immune systems – try to isolate yourself from them immediately. Stay at home and seek to find a medical office offering coronavirus testing solutions Borough Park.

When to Get Tested

If you are at risk to expose others whether you know you have the virus or not, then you should seek to be tested as soon as possible. When the more severe symptoms show up, seek to be tested right away, but call first and follow directions given. This will help to ensure that others at the doctor’s office will not be infected if you are.

Coronavirus Treatment

When only mild symptoms are present or if you are tested and have positive results and no symptoms, you will need to self-isolate for about 14 days. People with more serious symptoms will likely be hospitalized – if there is room.

When you need to find coronavirus testing solutions Borough Park, Quality First Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY can test you or your staff and employees. We have an in-house government-approved lab that can help you get results quickly. We can test for many other illnesses as well. Call us today to get an appointment with very little waiting.


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