Employment Physicals Borough Park

When applying for a new job, you will often be required to get an employment physical Borough Park. This lets the employer be sure that you are physically able to handle the type of work that they will require of you. If they offer one, it also helps to ensure them that you would be good for their group health insurance policy.

Benefits of an Employment Physicals

It will help you to keep a check on the overall condition of your health if you have not had a physical in a while. Of course, you expect that there will not be any problems.

On the other hand, the doctor may find a rather new development and want to look into it a little further. Knowing about it can benefit you, because then you can get some more testing, or be able to take further action as needed. The doctor performing the physical exam may be able to provide some help.

Drug Tests

Some jobs require that drug tests be provided on a regular basis. It is generally given during a physical when you provide a urine sample.

Physical Exam Details

You will be providing your basic information when you are going to a doctor for an employment exam. This will include your age, weight, and height, and a description of all the medications you are currently taking. The medical staff will also usually check your mobility, heart health, hearing, vision test, respiratory function, and other issues related to the job requirements.

Schedule a Convenient Time

You may not want to take off from work to be able to get a physical exam if you are currently working. The Quality First Urgent Care clinic offers you the opportunity to get employment exams at a more convenient time. Our doors are open from 11:00 am until 11:30 pm seven days a week.

The Doctors

All of the doctors at the Quality First Urgent Care center are Board-certified. Some of them are specialists in various medical fields, which enable us to provide a wide range of services to our patients. We can also treat people of all ages.

Other Physicals

When they are needed, the clinic provides a wide range of physical exams. In addition to offering exams for work, we also offer them for special licenses and permits, such as for the DOT and TLC, and for Green Cards. We also give physical exams for people seeking to enter the Coast Guard and the Merchant Marines. Our clinic has various types of diagnostic equipment on site, and we are able to treat emergency situations, common illnesses, and more.

The Quality First Urgent Care clinic provides employment physicals Borough Park as needed. We also perform drug testing. We welcome walk-ins, and we treat all our patients with care. We are also glad to offer all of our medical services for the whole family.


Employment Physicals Borough Park

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