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During the warm summer months, many people suffer from allergies. Although they would rather enjoy their summer like other people, it is difficult because of constant allergy problems. This happens because many plants continue to put out pollen. Some people suffer just as much in the summer as others do in the spring and fall months. The good news is that a allergies doctor Midwood Brooklyn can help you find relief.

Causes of Summer Allergies

In the summer months, plants are growing and reproducing at rapid rates. This means that some plants, particularly weeds and grasses, are always producing pollen somewhere. The wind can carry it for long distances, which means it can affect you even if it does not grow in your area. Molds and dust mites are also very active in the warmer air.

Another common cause of allergies is ozone. This is a gas that forms near cities, where there is a greater accumulation of car exhaust gases. Many people find themselves having allergy problems from it.

Reactions can also occur when stung by an insect, such as a bee or wasp. Sometimes, a bee sting may even result in a more severe reaction, causing unconsciousness or even death.

Certain types of food may also produce an allergic reaction. Some of these foods include nuts and nut products, celery, apples and melons.

The Symptoms of Summer Allergies

There are a number of different symptoms that might be experienced from an allergic reaction. The individual might be sneezing, develop a runny nose, be wheezing, or coughing. There could also be dark circles under the eyes and they may be breathing with their mouth.

More Serious Symptoms

After being stung by an insect, some people will experience more severe conditions. There may be a tightening of the throat, or a feeling of dizziness. They may also become unconscious. If this occurs immediately, consider it a medical emergency and get them to a doctor or hospital immediately.

Using Medications

Once you know that you have summer allergies, you will likely be given some medications to help you control the symptoms. By using them as prescribed, you can reduce your unpleasant symptoms and enjoy life more.

Taking Precautions

In many cases, you can take steps to help reduce your exposure to summer allergens. You will likely find that by reducing the allergens you are exposed to daily, that you will also have fewer symptoms. You can do this by removing mold and mildews in your home, cutting down on moisture with a dehumidifier, and keeping your home’s air conditioner filter clean. Keeping your windows closed and avoiding cigarette smoke will also help.

If you have frequent allergy problems, doctors will generally provide you with a prescription for a steroid nasal spray. In more severe cases, you may also be given an allergy shot.

If you live in New York, you can go to the Quality First Urgent Care Center in Brooklyn. High-tech medical equipment helps doctors provide the best services for allergies. A allergies doctor Midwood Brooklyn is available to help you from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm every day.


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