Local Urgent Care 11230

When you have an emergency and need local urgent care 11230, you can visit the Quality First Urgent Care clinic. This high-tech facility can handle most emergencies and enable you to see a doctor quickly.

Get Seen Quickly

Going to a hospital emergency room will likely mean that you could wait for hours before ever seeing a doctor. At the Quality First Urgent Care center you can expect to have a doctor see you almost immediately. There will be very little wait time.

High Tech Facility

The clinic is a spacious 6,000 foot facility that houses a lot of high tech medical equipment to provide a fast and thorough diagnosis. It is equipped with many scanning devices including x-rays, a CT scan that can scan your entire body in just 30 seconds, an MRI, and ultrasound.

There is also an in-house government approved lab to provide the medical staff with faster test results. This means you wait less to get the results, which also enables you to receive treatment sooner. In addition to the CBC blood test, many other tests can be performed on-site, including flu, mono, strep throat, urinalysis, pregnancy, STD, HIV, drug screening, and more.

Conditions We Treat

We can treat nearly any medical emergency you might have. The only exceptions to that are that we do not treat life-threatening conditions. We can also treat a number of long-term conditions, such as asthma, and situations requiring Intravenous Therapy.

We have found that many problems have been helped and sometimes resolved with IV therapy. In addition to IV antibiotics, we also have others for problems such as fatigue, pain, nausea, inflammation, and headaches. We also offer the Myers Cocktail which contains many vitamins to charge your immune system. It helps people with many conditions, including migraines, depression, allergies, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular diseases, and more.

The Doctors

When you go to any kind of medical center, you always want to know that you are being treated by professionals. Our local urgent care 11230, has doctors is Board certified and experienced. Some of them have worked in emergency rooms at hospitals and are very qualified to handle emergencies.

Pay Less for Services

If you go to any hospital in New York City, you are going to be paying a lot for their services. Besides that, you are going to have to wait, possibly for hours, before you will be seen by a doctor. The Quality First Urgent Care center charges considerably less, and you also get the benefit of having a doctor see you quickly.


We accept most health insurance plans. Before you come, we recommend that you call us to find out if we accept your plan. It may save you time and money and help you receive care faster.

The Quality First Urgent Care center is a top rated local urgent care 11230. Walk-ins are welcome and everyone is seen by medical professionals quickly, and treated with care. Contact us today at (718) 475-1700 for more information or to make an appointment.


Local Urgent Care 11230

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