Medical Doctors Office Marine Park

Finding a medical doctors office where you and your family can be treated is important, no matter where you live. Your main concern is to make sure that it can handle most of your needs, accept your insurance, and provide treatment in a timely manner. The Quality First Urgent Care center Marine Park can do all this and more.

The Office

When you walk into the center, you may be surprised at the modern-looking facility. With 6,000 square feet, it certainly is very spacious. It also is high-tech and has many modern tools to give patients a quick analysis.

Get Seen Fast

Patients going to the Quality First Urgent Care center Marine Park are often surprised at how quickly they are seen by a doctor. Registration is quick and there is almost no time lost before a doctor sees the patient. They work hard to make this possible. Walk-ins are welcome.

Emergency Care

In an emergency, the center is quite capable of handling most minor emergencies. The only ones that they cannot handle are those with life-threatening circumstances. The doctors have a wide range of medical training and experience, and they also offer specialized medical care.

The Diagnostic Equipment

The medical doctors office has a lot of high-tech medical equipment in it. Some of it surpasses that of hospitals, such as the 64-slice CT scan. This device is among the latest, and it is capable of scanning your entire body in about 30 seconds – and it will give clear pictures, too.

The center also has other diagnostic tools. These include an MRI, x-rays, and ultrasound. Along with each of these tools, there is also an expert radiologist who can provide the doctors with an expert analysis of the findings. This can also be provided very quickly.

An In-house Lab

One of the fastest ways to get results from a lab is to have the lab nearby. The Quality First Urgent Care center Marine Park has its own in-house lab that is government approved. It can analyze samples quickly and give doctors the results in a hurry. This means you can get the treatment you need right away, and not have to wait until the reports come back.

The lab can perform many kinds of tests when needed. One device, a 7-part Diff CBC machine, enables the lab to perform blood tests with as many as 27 different parameters. The lab can also


Quality First Urgent Care Center Marine Park

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