Medical Office Bensonhurst

Finding a quality medical office Bensonhurst, can enable you and your family to obtain a wide variety of expert medical services when injured. In addition to many standard medical services for injuries, we also provide pain management services and various treatments to help you get back on your feet and active again.

Get Diagnosed

When there is an injury, or a car accident, it is always necessary to understand the scope of the damage in order for proper treatment to be given. Right after an accident, or a slip or fall, the injuries may not cause any pain until a later time. At Medelstar, we take the time to discover the extent of your injuries, so that we can treat all of them properly.

The Doctors

Quality First Urgent Care has a multidisciplinary medical team of experts that can provide all your needs for recovery. Each doctor is Board certified to ensure you receive quality and professional treatment.

Our team also has many professionals on it, so that we can provide you with all of the professional care you need for a faster recovery. Our medical staff includes medical doctors, a neurologist, orthopedic surgeons, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational and physical therapists, an interventional pain specialist, and a physician assistant.

Our staff is able to provide care for many types of injuries. We also have orthopedic surgeons who can treat bone, ligament, and similar type injuries. They typically can treat back pain, scoliosis, dislocations, fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, bone tumors, and much more.

Having all of these in one medical office Bensonhurst enables you to get all the treatment you need in one place. This reduces the paperwork and the need to hunt down doctors for your needs.

Other Services

In addition to treatment of personal injuries, our staff also treats a number of health problems. We offer to help people lose weight for better health and fewer serious health problems; help with chronic pain; and smoking cessation treatment.

In each of these programs, we use a combination of medical and holistic methods to reach the goal of better health. In the weight loss program, you will discover that as you lose weight that you will start to gain better health and have fewer health problems. It will also help you with a better self-image and a more active lifestyle.

Men’s health is another area of health that we treat. Many health issues can affect performance in bed, and we can help control those medical issues. Age is not necessarily the cause. Let us help you discover the cause and provide treatment so that you can enjoy your partner again, and vice versa.

Get Seen Quickly

When you visit us at Medelstar, you will find that there is almost no wait time. We seek to see our patients as quickly as possible, and get a diagnosis, too.

The Quality First Urgent Care is the top rated medical office Bensonhurst for urgent care services. The goal in all treatment is to restore you to your full baseline health as much as possible. They also handle sports injuries and provide non-surgical treatments whenever possible.


Medical Office Bensonhurst

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