Urgent Care Center Sunset Park

Going to a hospital for emergency care can be very expensive. You may also expect to have to wait, sometimes for hours, in order to get the care you need. If your situation is not life threatening, you can get the treatment you need for almost any problem at the Quality First Urgent Care center Sunset Park Brooklyn. Patients of any age are welcome.

The Speed

At Quality First, it is our goal to see patients as quickly as possible – which is usually almost immediately. An appointment is not necessary, and we always welcome walk-ins. Our registration process ensures that there is almost no time involved so that you can see the doctor right away.

The Facility

Our facility is large so that we can house our high tech equipment and see many patients at the same time. We have a 6,000 square-foot space and several doctors with a wide variety of specialization and emergency care. This enables us to handle most any need you might have in the way of urgent medical care, as well as other outpatient needs.

The Equipment

The Quality First Urgent Care center Sunset Park is equipped with the best equipment to be able to handle any situation. This includes both minor problems as well as problems that are more serious and may require treatment over a period of time.

Our equipment includes everything needed for emergency care and diagnosis. We have a MRI, a CT scan, ultrasound, a hospital-grade lab, digital x-ray machines, and a center for IV infusions. We also have an on-site pharmacy. Our CT-scan is state-of-the art, and it can scan the entire body in about 30 seconds.

The Care We Provide

Our lab enables many tests to be given for a better diagnosis. We are able to provide urinalysis, metabolic panels, CBC tests, pregnancy tests, rapid strep throat tests, and more. We also do EKG’s, STD testing, ultrasound, and more.

Other services include wound care, bite care, suturing and splinting, vaccinations, IV therapy, and in-house podiatry. Doctors at Quality First also provide asthma treatment, acupuncture, plastic surgery, and travel medicine.

Get Travel Care

Because travelers are at a higher risk to diseases that may not be found in the United States, Quality First provides care for people traveling abroad. Besides giving the proper vaccines, we also provide instruction on how to avoid diseases, including malaria prevention, and offer follow-up care, too.

The Hours

We know that emergencies do not occur at a planned time. This is why we open a little later and stay open later – from 11:00am to 11:00pm every day of the week. This can help you save money from going to a hospital ER late at night. We are open on all holidays, too – 365 days a year.

The Quality First Urgent Care center Sunset Park is located in Brooklyn in the Calko Medical Building, on the 9th floor. We offer valet parking, and we have Russian speaking staff. If you have any questions about our services or need to make an appointment, call us today at (718) 475-1700.

Urgent Care Center Sunset Park

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