Urgent Care Clinic Bensonhurst

Urgent Care Clinic Bensonhurst

Asthma can be a real problem for many children, as well as adults. Getting the right care quickly can make a difference and help bring relief when time is critical. The Quality First Urgent Care medical center in Brooklyn provides asthma treatment for all ages.

Emergency Care That Costs Less

Going to a hospital emergency room can end up being very costly. To make matters worse, it may be hours before you or your child are actually seen by a doctor. By then, the problem could be much worse.

At Quality First, our doctors work hard to see all patients quickly. There is hardly any waiting, and registration is quick. Walk-ins are welcome at any time. The costs are also much less than what it would cost for a hospital ER.

Complete Emergency Urgent Care Clinic Bensonhurst

The medical center at Quality First is capable of handling almost any emergency. The only ones we do not handle are those which are life-threatening.

The Quality First Urgent Care center has many state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, and a complete hospital-grade lab to perform many tests and get quick results. We also have a pharmacy to be able to provide needed medicines.

Treatments for Asthma

Asthma symptoms can quickly go from normal to bad. This may result in uncontrolled coughing, no relief from medications, and having a pale and sweaty face. At that point, it is essential to see a doctor quickly. Bringing the asthma under control in order to give you a comfortable level of breathing is important. You should be able to walk and talk without breathing problems.

At Quality First, we help you to find an asthma treatment so that you can bring the symptoms under control when there is a problem. Urgent care clinic Bensonhurst has board certified doctors can provide testing to discover the strongest triggers, as well as provide medicines to help control and reduce the symptoms when they do flare up.

Asthma Has Many Triggers

There are many things that can trigger an asthma attack. Some of them will affect asthma more than others and may cause mild problems or bring about an asthma attack. It is important to know what things might trigger an attack so that they may be avoided when possible.

Some of the most common triggers are allergens, which includes, pet dander, pollen, and molds. Other ones are classified as irritants, and these include chemical fumes, dust, and air pollution. Cold and dry air can also start asthma problems, and so can exercise.

Controlling Asthma

So far, there is no cure for asthma. This means that you will have to control it when there are problems. This is often done by watching whether your breathing is getting better or worse with a peak flow meter. Medications are also given to control it over the long term, and nebulizers are a standard tool for short-term problems. Shots are also available.

The Quality First Urgent Care center is located in Brooklyn. It is in the beautiful Calko Medical Building on Bay Parkway. The center stays open for emergencies from 11am until 11pm every day, 365 days each year, and welcomes people of all ages. You can call the center at (718) 475-1700 to make an appointment.


Urgent Care Clinic Bensonhurst

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