Urgent Care Open Now 11228

When you or a loved one needs to find urgent care open now 11228, you want to know that the medical center is open and ready to be able to handle your need. Most likely, you also are looking for a way to get fast treatment, and not have to wait for hours in an emergency room at a hospital.

Quality First Urgent Care

The Quality First Urgent Care clinic offers high-quality medical care, fast service, and professional treatment. When you have a medical problem that needs treatment right away, we are able to handle it. Our large center is over 6,000 square feet and our treatment rooms are spacious, too.

The Diagnostic Equipment

Providing the right kind of treatment means that we must have the right tools to diagnose your medical problem accurately. We have several tools to provide scans, including a state-of-the-art CT scan. It provides clearer pictures than a standard x-ray machine and it is capable of scanning your entire body in just 30 seconds. It also provides 3-D images.

The clinic also has other tools for scanning, including x-rays, ultrasound, and an MRI. All of these tools are located in our clinic for fast diagnosis.

Get Seen Quickly

When you have a medical need, our Board-certified doctors will see you quickly. You will not be waiting around long hours before being seen.

The Treatment

Almost any medical need can be treated at the Quality First Urgent Care clinic. Our urgent care open now 11228 is able to handle most situations – except for cases where there are life-threatening problems. We can also treat long-term conditions, such as asthma.

If specialized treatment is needed, we can also provide that for you. We offer podiatric services, intravenous therapy, some plastic surgery, acupuncture, and travel medicine.


When you need specific tests conducted, you will find that we can conduct many tests at our clinic. We have an in-house lab that is rated as a government-approved CLIA Moderately-Complex Lab. We provide testing for the flu, strep throat, urine tests, pregnancy, STD’s, HIV, mono, blood tests, and more.

Everyone Welcome

People of any age can be treated at our clinic. Our pediatric doctors, along with our other ones, enable us to meet the needs of the entire family. Walk-ins are welcome. Some of our medical staff can speak Russian, too.

Open Late

In order to provide you with a quality alternative to the emergency room – and at much better rates, we stay open late. We open our doors at 11:00 am every day (10:00 on Sunday), and close at 11:00 pm every night – seven days a week.


We accept many different health insurance plans. We do encourage you to call first, though, to be sure we can accept your particular plan.

The Quality First Urgent Care clinic is located in Brooklyn, NY. We want to help you when you have need for an urgent care open now 11228. You will find that our caring staff is very friendly and want to help you.


Urgent Care Open Now 11228

6010 Bay Parkway, 9th floor
Brooklyn, NY 11204

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