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Best Medical Office At Night

Many medical centers are typically not open at night. This can be a problem because many accidents and injuries occur at night, leaving you with the expensive option of having to go to a hospital emergency room. In Brooklyn, New York, you now have the option of going to the Quality First Urgent Care Center and saving money.

Open During the Late Hours

If you have medical or emergency problems at night, you will usually have to go to the hospital. Once you are there, you will often find a long waiting list of people in the lobby, which usually means that the medical care you need may be slow in coming.

The Quality First Urgent Care center solves this problem by remaining open until late. We stay open until 11:00pm every night and we also are open every day of the week. The center opens at 11:00am every day except Sunday, when we open one hour earlier. We are open 365 days a year.

The Medical Services We Provide

At the center, we have many high-tech scanning and diagnostic tools including x-rays and ultrasound scans, CT scans and an MRI, enabling us to test and treat a wide range of problems. We can provide Emergency Room Services, including suturing, splinting, animal bites, wound care, sprains, head injury, and burn wounds. Basically, we can handle any medical problems except for life-threatening injuries.

There is also a high tech lab at the Quality First Urgent Care center. It enables us to provide you with test results quickly. We can test for flu, drug screening, urinalysis, hemocult, CBC, flu, HIV, STD’s, and more.

Our medical staff also treats more common health problems such as offering IV fluids for dehydration, treating allergies, vomiting, earache, lacerations, and more. We also provide treatment in dermatology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and women’s health.

Some of the programs we offer include suboxone programs, DOT and drug screening, and stop smoking. Doctors also conduct regular physicals, and help with weight loss.

Alternative Treatment

For those who prefer alternative treatments, or for those who do not respond well to other forms of medical treatments, we offer acupuncture. We offer this ancient practice, which was developed in China, for the treatment of pain, and for other problems such as asthma, fatigue, allergies, headaches, nausea, and more.

The Insurance Plans We Accept

At Quality First Urgent Care, we accept many different insurance plans in order to make it convenient for our patients. Patients are also welcome who are using Medicaid. We invite you to call us before coming, though, just to make sure that we accept your plan. We will be able to tell you quickly.

Russian Speaking Doctors

In south Brooklyn, we realize that there are many people in our area that speak Russian. We have doctors and staff members that can speak Russian, helping you to get the necessary treatments you need.

When you need medical office at night, you can find us open at Quality First Urgent Care in south Brooklyn. We are located in the beautiful Calko Medical Building and serve many of the surrounding communities.


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